Particle Analyzers


Our Particle Analyzers have proven significant advantages when compared to competitors’ solutions. Innovations in light source, flow control, analog and digital signal processing, components integration and software allow us to provide a state of the art system for precision particle analysis. By acquiring full and continuous particle size spectrum we turn the concept of channels obsolete. This is achieved by utilizing a single stage of analog conditioning and digitalization, allowing classification of  particles by software rather than by hardware, which improves reliability and accuracy and provides true particle size profiles.


Type Description Use Models Color Size Price
Particle Analyzer
  1. Not bounded by channels. Full continuous particle spectrum
  2. High power variable light source allows unprecedented range of 0.2um to 25um
  3. State of the art analog and digital signal processing
  4. Advanced particle analysis directly at device
  5. PM2.5 and PM 10 display
  6. Differential pressure (1 Pa resolution) display
  7. Embedded flow meter (1% FS)
  8. Humidity and temperature sensors
  9. Smallest 0.2um particle counter in the market
To detect and count particles for indoor air quality purposes TCH PRO 202   hanheld US $3,700.00

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